Import the library

Download latest release and import both gogocarto.css and gogocarto.js. The folders “images” and “fonts” must remains in the same place than the gogocarto.css file.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="path/to/gogocarto.min.css"> 
<script src="path/to/gogocarto.min.js"></script>


You need to provide a configuration object to initialize GoGoCartoJs.

You can give a plain object, or an url to a json distant configuration

<div id="gogocarto"></div>
myGogocarto = goGoCarto('#gogocarto', {
  data: {
      taxonomy: "",
      elements: ""
myGogocarto = goGoCarto("#gogocarto", "");

Look at the Taxonomy and Dataset to know how thoses objects/APIs must look like.

Please visit Configuration to know more about all configuration available

Interaction with component

Once component instanciated, you can interact with him with the current methods

* Set the current user roles. Array of strings
* GoGoFeatures are controlled depending on role (see Configuration)
* Login is not managed by GoGoCartoJs
/* Control the menu from an outside button */